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1 – Secrets of artisan baking

This course comprises 9 videos (about 40 minutes in total), with recipes, notes and access to help by email.

We take you through each of the key stages of baking. By the end of the course you should be able to make a fantastic crusty loaf which your family and friends will be amazed at.

You’ll also understand what’s going on at each stage as Simon shares his secrets and tips from 30 years of baking.The great thing about seeing the videos is that you can really see what’s going on – and you can view them as often as you like. The course is really designed as a half way house between doing a day course, and buying a book.

If you’re new to baking or just need to improve, this is the course to buy.

Buy now for £25 – when you login you’ll get access to all the course materials.

3 minute introductory video:

2 – Sourdough made easy

Our next course is all about sourdough – the ultimate baker’s artThe comprises 5 videos (about 45 minutes in total), recipes, notes and help by email.

The course shows you what sourdough is, and how to make, care for and feed your sourdough culture to be ready for baking day.

Simon then takes you through recipes and methods for three quite different loaves – a mixed grain open-textured Pain de Campagne, a substantial seeded loaf, and a 100% rye sourdough or pumpernickel.

If you’re new to baking or need a refresher, we recommend doing the Artisan Secrets course first.

Buy now for £20 – when you login you’ll get access to all the course materials.

Watch this 3 minute introductory video:
Or buy both courses for £40 – a saving of £5.

Some recent testimonials:

“Hi Simon
I purchased both courses and have completed the first and am making delicious bread. So good that I haven’t started the sourdough course yet but will do so soon. Shop bread is just not worth buying now!Worth every penny of the cost – thank you Simon.”
Tom W, May 2016

“Dear Simon,
I have been making bread for about 40 years, but the bread I have made in the last week from the Artisan Bread course is the best I have ever done. I thought it might be beginner’s luck, but I replicated it – quite simply the best home-made bread I have ever had. Thank you so much – I am now gearing up for the sourdough versions. I really like the ability to watch and re-watch the videos – always some new detail to make note of. While I imagine attendance at a day or weekend course would give me guided experience of working with dough, I feel you have really nailed the information with the clearly sequenced procedure, the science and the reasons for certain details. With best wishes.” Sally B April 2015

“My feedback so far is very positive. I found your course, and because I can do and watch, things have moved on a great deal. I had been getting a bit disheartened –  now I have confidence to go forward.”
Lesley B, Nov 2015


I have been baking bread now for couple of years picking up hints and ideas as I have gone along from books and TV. Your course has been the most useful yet. Have recently been given some sourdough starter and your techniques have really helped. It’s good to be able to go back again (and again) to check on the many points you raise. Perhaps because I understand more about bread making now but I have found your course the most useful / inspiring yet – truly excellent.” Iain P January 2015

I would like to say your many thanks for the online bread making course.
Informative and very straightforward to understand. The method you are using takes you step by step to a professional finish and a quality of bread not easily found elsewhere…. the sourdough course is as straightforward and informative as your first bread course I purchased some months ago. Easy instructional stages that make producing a quality sourdough loaf a pleasure.Thank you.”
Mike H November 2014

The videos are great. You can go back over things easily. Probably better in some ways than a classroom. Work at your own pace. I was starting to get a bit disillusioned with the books. The course has brought back my enthusiasm.”
Mark C, November 2013