Sounds like you’re looking for consultancy

We advise restaurants, coffee shops and other catering businesses on how to make superb bread in house, that customers and critics will love and remember.
The consultancy can include:

  • recommendations on a range of bread to complement core menu offerings
  • hands-on training in your kitchens to make the bread
  • full recipe information and key tips manual
  • inclusion in our circulation of new bread recipes and techniques

We spend time training you, in your premises, and make sure that you develop the skills to create great bread.

We also help plan bread recipes to suit your menu. For example, for le Gallois (Cardiff’s top French restuarant) we developed a roasted cumin ciabatta to go with a winter barley stew, and for the Pelican gastro-pub, we made a specially broad San franciso shape as the core of a warm beef sandwich.

Each requirement is different, so we’ll chat with you and ideally have a coffee first, scope your needs, then advise on our fees.


Tell me what you want to do, and I’ll get back in contact.

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