To help all you would-be artisan bakers we’ve combined our two courses and sourdough culture into a package: so you can make bread better than you can buy!

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For just £49 you can get unlimited access to course materials, and we’ll send you a live sourdough (saving over 30%)

Currently culture is unavailable (June 2022)

or just buy the two courses without the culture for £43:

1 – Secrets of artisan baking

This course comprises 9 videos (about 40 minutes in total), with recipes, notes and access to help by email. Stream or download.

We take you through each of the key stages of baking. By the end of the course you should be able to make a fantastic crusty loaf which your family and friends will be amazed at.

You’ll also understand what’s going on at each stage as Simon shares his secrets and tips from 30 years of baking.The great thing about seeing the videos is that you can really see what’s going on – and you can view them as often as you like. The course is really designed as a half way house between doing a day course, and buying a book.

If you’re new to baking or just need to improve, this is the course to buy.

3 minute introductory video:

2 – Sourdough made easy

Our next course is all about sourdough – the ultimate baker’s artThe comprises 5 videos (about 45 minutes in total), recipes, notes and help by email. Stream or download.

The course shows you what sourdough is, and how to make, care for and feed your sourdough culture to be ready for baking day.

Simon then takes you through recipes and methods for three quite different loaves – a mixed grain open-textured Pain de Campagne, a substantial seeded loaf, and a 100% rye sourdough or pumpernickel.

If you’re new to baking or need a refresher, we recommend doing the Artisan Secrets course first.

Watch this 3 minute introductory video:

Also, we’ll send you a live culture by post that we’ve been using for over 15 years.

Buy the package:

Two courses and culture for £49

Currently  culture unavailable (June 2022)

or just buy the two courses without the culture for £37: