What’s right for you?


So you’ve been making bread, maybe for a while, and now you’re looking to get into sourdough. Great! Learn the highest art of the artisan baker. Our bakery made nothing else.

I’ll show you how to get started and do it right from day 1 – too many people dive in without enough understanding, and end up making flat, stodgy (but probably tasty) bricks !

My online courses make it really easy to follow every stage, and re-watch the videos as often as you need to get it right. I promise that you could be making great sourdough within 36 hours ( assuming you’ve got a good, active starter culture – I sell these if you want one guaranteed to work, or you can try making one yourself).

The best course for you is ‘Sourdough Made Easy’.

“Simon – the videos are great. You can go back over things easily. Probably better in some ways than a classroom. Work at your own pace. I was starting to get a bit disillusioned with the books. The course has brought back my enthusiasm.”  Mark C


What’s in the Sourdough course?

This course comprises 5 videos (about 45 minutes in total), recipes, notes and help by email.

The course shows you what sourdough is, and how to make, care for and feed your sourdough culture to be ready for baking day.

I then take you through recipes and methods for three quite different loaves – a mixed grain open-textured Pain de Campagne, a substantial seeded loaf, and a 100% rye sourdough or pumpernickel.

If you’re new to baking or need a refresher, we recommend doing the Artisan Secrets course first.

You’ll also understand what’s going on at each stage as I share my  his secrets and tips from 30 years of baking.  The great thing about seeing the videos is that you can really see what’s going on – and you can view them as often as you like. The course is really designed as a half way house between doing a day course, and buying a book.

If you’re new to sourdough, this is the course to buy.

“Simon,  I would like to say your many thanks for the online sourdough course.
Informative and very straightforward to understand. The method you are using takes you step by step to a professional finish and a quality of bread not easily found elsewhere…. the sourdough course is as straightforward and informative as your first bread course I purchased some months ago. Easy instructional stages that make producing a quality sourdough loaf a pleasure.  Thank you.”  Mike H

Why not get a book or go on a baking course?

There are some really great books out there – Andrew Whitley, Dan Lepard, Peter Reinhart, and I do suggest you get a few good books for ideas.

But the trouble is not seeing what it actually looks like – so this is what the videos communicate.

Of course the ideal thing is to do a hands-on course. Just two considerations though – first is the cost (they’re generally £100-£200 for a day); and the second is that you may well forget 90% of what you were taught! In fact I’ve had a quite a few people buy my course to help them remember what to do after a day workshop.

So with my online courses, you’ve got lifetime access, and it’s a fraction of the cost.

Does it really work?

Yes – just look at the pics in the next column of some of the loaves people have sent me to say thanks.

“Simon – I really like the ability to watch and re-watch the videos – always some new detail to make note of. While I imagine attendance at a day or weekend course would give me guided experience of working with dough, I feel you have really nailed the information with the clearly sequenced procedure, the science and the reasons for certain details. With best wishes.” Sally B

So you can sign up now if you want. If you’re not happy, just tell me and I’ll refund you in full.

You’re first perfect sourdough could be out the oven in less than 2 days!

Buy now for £25 – when you checkout we’ll email you a password to access to all the course materials.

Or buy both courses.

Make sure you have all the basic Artisan Secrets first, then go on to the ultimate bakers’ art of great sourdough. You have lifetime access so you can watch again and again until you can bake like the master!

Cost is £49 – a saving of £6.

You could be making wonderful open textured sourdough like this is under 2 days!

You could be making wonderful open textured sourdough like this is under 2 days!

A multi-grain 'pain de campagne' style sourdough - one of the loaves I show you how to make

A multi-grain ‘pain de campagne’ style sourdough – one of the loaves I show you how to make

A student with 2 sourdoughs and a long fermented challah

A student with 2 sourdoughs and a long fermented challah